Sunday, January 1, 2012

Chakra Tirtham Water Falls at Tirumala

Chakra Theertham is also a famous pond in Tirumala, which is located next to Silathoranam and holds special importance. Visiting this site is considered as good as touching the Lotus Feet of the Lord, which will deliver the devotees from their travails.

It is believed that when Lord Brahma observed grief at this site, Lord Vishnu plunged his Sudarshana Chakra for cleansing it. The Sudarshana Chakra then fell into a place, which later came to be known as Chakra Theertham. This pond is known for cleanse bathers of sins that would lead them to the lotus feet of Lord Vishnu.

Chakra Theertham is located about 2 Km from the temple, in the same complex as the Sila Thoranam is a rare natural rock arch. This place houses a Swayambu Lingam and is well-known for being a popular tourist spot in Tirupati.


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